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Tap List
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16oz Crowlers available for the purchase of any of our craft beers on tap
Growler filling available as well ~ Must bring your own clean Growlers w/ a cap~
Text your beer to-go order only to (480) 849-5568
Please include your full name, the beer you want, the quantity of 16oz crowlers & pickup time.
1 Mother Earth Brew Co. Cali Creamin Nitro 5.2% ABV 
2 La Cumbre Brewing Company Slice of Hefen 5.4% ABV
3 La Cumbre Brewing Company & Tipsy Cactus Collaboration All hop NO haze DBL west coast IPA 9% ABV
4 June Shine Rose Hard Kambucha 6% ABV
5. Goldwater Brewing Co. Crimson Cloud Prickley Pear Hazy IPA 6.8% ABV
6. Great Divide Hibernation Ale English Style Old Ale 8.7% ABV
7 Lagunitas Sonomica Farmhouse Ale 8.2% ABV
8 Chapman Craft Beer  Scenic Route West Coast IPA 6.8% ABV
9 Chapman Craft Beer Craft Pilsner 4.9% ABV
10 Great Divide Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale 6.4% ABV 7.0% ABV
11 Surly Brewing Co. Abrasive DBL IPA 9.2% ABV
12 La Cumbre Project Dank IPA 7.5% ABV
13 The Shop Church Music  Hazy IPA 6.2% ABV
14 1912 Brewing Company Naughty Naranja Fruited Sour 8.5% ABV
15 Stone Brewing Co. Enjoy By 1/1/2021 Unfiltered Dbl IPA 9.8% ABV
16 Cider Ciders Manuel's Grape 11.5% ABV
17 Ska Brewing co Euphoria Pale 6.0% ABV 
18 St. Archer Brewing Co. Mozy west coast IPA 7.0 ABV
19 Odell Barreled Treasure Barrel Aged stout with cold brew coffee 11.0% ABV
20 Tipsy Cactus Lager 5.0% ABV
21 La Cumbre Elevated IPA 7.2% ABV
22 Beer Research Institute Lolli Belgian Blonde 8.2% ABV
23 Boarderlands Brewing Co. German Chocolate Cake Porter 7.3% ABV
24 Obell Brewing Co Hazer Tag New England Style IPA 6.0% ABV
25 La Cumbre Brewing Co. Go For Broke DIPA 8.0% ABV
26 Mother Earth Brewing Co. Cosmic Pyrokinesis Hazy IPA 6.7% ABV
27 La Cumbre Hoplaunch American IPA 7.5% ABV
28 Goldwater Brewing Co. DDH Hop Chowda 6.8% ABV
29 Bell's Brewing Oberon American Wheat Ale 5.8% ABV
30 Pizza Port Brewing Co. Swami IPA 6.8% ABV
31 Green Flash Brewing West Coast IPA 7.0% ABV
32 Left Hand Brewing Raspberry Milk Stout 5.7% ABV
33 Great Divide Peanut Butter Yeti 9.5% ABV
34 The Beer Research Institute Mango Peach Boom box sour 4.0% ABV 
35 Pizza Port Chronic Amber Ale 4.9% ABV