Tipsy Cactus TapRoom & Bottle Shop
Weekly Food Trucks & Events
While we do not have a kitchen, we do partner with local food trucks from all over the valley for our patrons to enjoy. You can even have your favorite meals delivered via your choice of delivery methods!

Week of  9/9  -   9/15

Monday, 9/9/19 - Taqueria Las Palmas
Tuesday, 9/10/19 - Taco Tuesday w/Chef Gabe
**Meet Head Brewer Scott Holst from Alpine Beer Co.** Starts @ 6:30p
Wednesday, 9/11/19 - TBD
Thursday, 9/12/19 - Three Dogs Eatery Food Truck 
Friday, 9/13/19 - Salsa Bites Food Truck
Saturday, 9/14/19 - TBD Food Truck
**Prostate Charity Fundraiser: Join us from 12p-5p for great beers & raffle prizes to help raise money for the Prostate On-Site Project (POP). A non-profit organization that provides free & reduced prostate screening to men all throughout the state of Arizona.
16 Breweries have donated raffle items to support this event!
Sunday, 9/16/19 - Super Farm Food Truck 

Week of  9/16   -  9/22

Monday, 9/16/19 - TBD
Tuesday, 9/17/19 - Taco Tuesday w/Chef Gabe
Wednesday, 9/18/19 - TBD Food Truck
Thursday, 9/19/19 - Three Dogs Eatery Food Truck
Friday, 9/20/19 - Detroit Coney Food Truck
Saturday, 9/21/19 - International Truck of Tacos Food Truck
Sunday, 9/22/19 - Super Farm Food Truck